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5 Issues for Employers re Social Media – Infographic

In Entrepreneurs and Social Media, Social Media, Technology Issues and the Law on June 2012 at 3:04 pm
We’ve been discussing this since Feb 2010, but were told that SLF was a little ahead of the times on this matter.  Now, the employers-employees-and-social-media issue is lighting up, and for some reason employers are either over-reaching or not reaching at all.  (See: Employers Asking for Facebook Passwords Could be Violating Federal Law (Really)Assess, Influence, & EvolveEmbrace Social Media, But Minimize the Risks).
So we’ve worked out a infographic that may help employers identify the key issues regarding social media in the workplace.  Enjoy!

Louisiana law extends sex offender notice to social media

In Social Media, Technology Issues and the Law on June 2012 at 2:16 pm

Fist Louisiana tried to ban sex offenders and child predators  from ever using the internet, but a federal judge struck that law down as unconstitutional.  Now, State Rep. Jeff Thompson backed a new law requiring sex offenders to state their criminal convictions on their social networking pages.

The law goes into effect in August 2012 and also requires sex offenders to disclose their address and describe their physical characteristics on social networking sites.  Per Rep. Thompson, is the first of its kind.

Rep. Thompson believes that this law is not unconstitutional because it stays within already existing notice parameters for sex offenders.

by: Sheheryar Sardar, Esq. & Benish Shah, Esq.Sardar Law Firm LLC

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