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Social Media at Corporate Trainings

In Social Media on February 2011 at 4:12 am

(It’s not by SLF, but we love it.  Great for mitigating social media risk, and for preventing social medial legal troubles)

Before the world of social media the most worrisome part of a corporate training was that some people may not pay attention. For the presenter, the critical concern was that attendees would take notes on the training, including highly prized trade secrets, and tell then to their friends how boring it was.  But now, with bloggers and Tweets, the social media risk is much higher: how can a corporate event planner prevent company training materials from ending up on the social media platforms? After all, with a simple click of the “tweet” button, a bored attendee can tarnish the presenter’s reputation while simultaneously releasing potentially confidential information. The risk from social media use is high.

Social Media Risk Strategy – Planners Plan a Tweet

Corporate training planners must understand that despite repeated emails that attendees may not use cell phones during the presentatio or publish training materials on the Internet, more than a few people in that room will turn to social media to alleviate boredom, or to express excitement. The only way to avoid the social media risk in real time is… read the rest of this piece on social media risk at corporate meetings here.