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Teachers File Suit for Facebook Rights

In Social Media on September 2010 at 9:00 am

Santa Rosa County teachers and support personnel is planning to file an unfair labor practices lawsuit against the School District over what it claims is an overly restrictive new policy on educators’ use of e-mail and social media websites, such as Facebook. Evidently, the new policy at issue dictates how employees should use social media and digital communications at work and when working in their official capacities from home.

The policy covers e-mail, Facebook and other social networking websites, Twitter, blogs, personal sites, text messages, instant messages, chat rooms, list serves, podcasts, cell phones and Blackberrys. Basically, all tools of communication on a digital platform.

The issue is becoming one of personal speech and public record speech.  In the world of social media and the evolving law around social media, the line between personal speech and public record is blurred, with no absolute lines being evident.  It will be an interesting outcome to watch for.

by: Sheheryar Sardar, Esq. & Benish Shah, Esq., Sardar Law Firm LLC

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