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3 Mistakes in Corporate Social Media

In Entrepreneurs and Social Media, Social Media, Technology Issues and the Law on September 2010 at 8:43 am

Great piece by Global Executive Board.

(1) Doing it Alone.

Social media is not about developing the hottest technology through your IT department; it’s about using what you know is out there in a strategic manner.  Keeping the process in-house can be detrimental on the strategic end.  Bring in social media strategists to help you see your options, the bigger picture, the risk possibilities – and pull it together through a sound social media strategy.

(2) Seeing it as an “Option”

Social media is no longer an option.  It is a necessity for all businesses, whether consumer driven or B2B. Executives need to understand the social media process, and give the okay to develop creative and effective social media strategies.

(3) Failing to Understand that Social Media is About STRATEGY.

Blindly kicking and grabbing through social media is not effective.  It is critical to sit down and develop goals, needs, and the strategy behind achieving those goals and fulfilling the needs.  Social media is a corporate strategy.

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