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BP and Social Digital Media

In Entrepreneurs and Social Media, Social Media, Technology Issues and the Law on June 2010 at 11:48 pm

Social media law is becoming more intricate and exciting – as is the use of social media.  Check out this piece from global. executive. board.

To relate social digital marketing to current news, BP’s CEO, Tony Hayward was recently criticized for taking a break from cleaning up the record-breaking oil spill to attend a yacht race. Even the fact that the public found out so quickly about Hayward’s most recent gaffe is a testament to how important social digital networking has become. Almost instantaneously, twitter and Facebook started to publicize Hayward’s  behavior in light of the horrible environmental disaster that BP has caused.

In reality, Hayward attending a yacht race has little to do with the progress of the massive clean-up effort. Perhaps a few years ago, a break to see a boat race probably would have gone unnoticed to the public. Executives had far more privacy and freedom to do what they wanted. But of course the reason for the public outrage for Hayward’s behavior is not so much because it had such a great impact as so much as it reflects a very bad attitude for a CEO who is already under severe scrutiny and criticism.

A few months ago, Tony Hayward was a name that was not even familiar with the general public, yet, in just a few months; he has become a man hated by millions. Such is the consequence of badly using social digital media and managing its CEO. Perhaps if BP has taken the effort to brand Tony Hayward prior to this crisis, his PR could have been better.

In this ultra-connected world, social digital media may as well be as important to a company as it’s finances, management, and efficiency. It could even be true that BP and Tony Hayward is doing their best to clean up the oil spill and working diligently to try and stop the leak but just because of a bad day on the social networking sphere, all the effort made by BP is then ignored by the public. Social digital marketing has become such a force that even on its own, it can shake a giant like BP.

— originally published by global. executive. board.

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